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webcams, making it happenSetting Up Your Own Webcam

Making it Happen!

Try this:

Go to the local computer shop and buy a USB Webcam or buy it online.

Install the software for the camera on a computer.

Download a program online for WebCams. Try with software called Webcam32. This is a popular software package for Webcams. Webcam32 grabs pictures from the camera and uploads them to a Web server. You can get a free cut-down demo version or you can pay for the full version.

Install the program.

Enter the address of the FTP site and the other information requested, your Webcam should start to work!

Point the camera to somewhere like a window, book ....

Fine tune the software to reduce the file size of the images and to enable the temporary file copying feature.

There are many different features you can experiment with in Webcam32: streaming video, chat, captions, AVI files and different resolutions and compression ratios, to name a few. Webcam32 also supports the AutoCam feature, which allows you to create a Web page for your Webcam for free on their server. The software makes it simple.

As you can see, setting up a simple Webcam is extremely easy! If nothing else, the setup described here is a fun, cheap and easy way to experiment with a Webcam.

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